The Innocent Bystander

What is capitalism?


What is corporatism?


You see, had capitalism and the private sector been left alone like it was in the beginning, we would not be dealing with this civil unrest and economic crisis that we face today.

The idea that capitalism is at fault for the problems of America simply doesn’t hold any water. This is the case because pure capitalism has not been at work in the American economy for years. The United States government has had their hand so heavily in the affairs of private corporations that they have all been jumbled and mixed together. “Crony-Capitalism,” a term made famous by Sarah Palin, has been the driving force behind many big banks and bailouts for years.

There are those protesting on Wall Street trying to pick a fight with Bank of America, however, they are not to blame for the extra $5 fee. There are actually only three people that you can put all the blame on: Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama. These three men have put so many heavy regulations on corporations and in turn have promised to bail them out because they are a corporation deemed by the government as “too big to fail.” As a result, Bank of America has to give the government a little something back – hence the new $5 fee. Newt Gingrich has been leading the way on this issue ever since his campaign kicked off.

You see, I look at this sort of as a friends-with-benefits arrangement. You know how that goes. That one person will give you sex as long as you buy them jewelry, pay for their dinner, and throw in a few (okay, a lot) of compliments. The government and Bank of America are in bed together due to the fraudulent corporatism practiced by the Obama administration and administrations prior – on both sides of the aisle.

The only true fix to this issue is not through Maoism, and that’s exactly what the Occupy Wall Street protests have become in many respects. These movements are not communism, not socialism, and are not even democracy. By the grace of God, the United States of America got it right when our Founders proposed the idea of the ballot box. That is how democracy works. When we see an economic crisis on the rise in our nation we head to the ballot box to vote the current administration out of office as a loud and clear sign that we the people have had enough and we want to change course, now.

When capitalism is allowed to freely take its course, it works. In the private sector, corporations and companies (such as banks) are allowed to compete, rise and fall on their own merit. There is no bailing out, there is no free help. Government doesn’t act as the “corporate savior.” If corporations are free to fail if they don’t produce what the people want, the result will leave the best standing: the well-priced, the cutting-edge, the quality and the American-made services and products. The freedom to fail is what made America great, and it can make America great again.

Remember, capitalism and the private sector are like the innocent bystanders in the government’s corporatist fraud and recklessness.



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