Return to Our Roots [Revised]

In my previous post, “Return to Our Roots: America, Bless God,” I alluded to an endorsement of Mitt Romney. Let me say, that was not an endorsement, simply an acknowledgement of his leadership in the current mood of the GOP and Tea Party, as he begins to win over ultra-conservatives. Let me state, that any open support of Romney for President is a result of my belief that he may be the nominee, and should he become the nominee, it is important that the American people have already begun to build a winning machine behind him.

Having said that, I have looked at recent delegate counts (you can see them at Real Clear Politics here), it is clear to me that this race is not over. There are many states left with large delegate counts and keep in mind that many of the delegates have a non-binding agreement with the primary winner. The possibility of a brokered convention is so high, that Ron Paul’s campaign advisors have actually made that part of their plan, crafting their strategy around that very possibility (read about it here).

I am in no way trying to sound cloudy or wishy washy with my “endorsement” or with my support, in fact, I already formally endorsed Newt Gingrich for President earlier in the primary races. I do believe he is best qualified for the job, my only reason for supporting the “front-runner” is because I believe it is absolutely crucial that the GOP, Tea Party and right-leaning-independents rally together behind the eventual nominee.

Over the past couple weeks, I have begun to believe that it really doesn’t matter as much who the nominee is, what matters more is the movement behind him or her. The movement of constitutionalists, conservatives and Christians is what will win the White House in November, not necessarily solely the face of the GOP. We are coming to an election that is a crossroads for American history: a secular-socialist society, or a moral-capitalist society.

Unity is key.

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