“Once Upon a Midnight”

Tonight I went to Wave Church in VA Beach to their Wednesday night service for young adults, Soul Central. They had a special guest speaker, John Gray. He was not a person I was familiar with before going tonight, but, I found out that he is a recording artist, screenwriter, song-writer, singer and comedian. He has been featured on TBN, toured across the country and is close friends with Kirk Franklin. Anyway, I don’t want to go off on a rabbit trail, here’s the deal…

The focus of his message to us tonight was that we all go through “midnight” periods in our life. There are going to be ups and there are going to be downs. He pressed the point that, as believers, we are often prepared for seasons. The concept of the “seasons of life” is something that churchgoers have heard since the days of Sunday school. However, he reminded us that, while we can be somewhat prepared for a season (whatever that may be), we cannot be prepared for a moment (the midnight).

Midnight is the scariest times in our life. Midnight is the time that our faith is most threatened but must be the strongest. Midnight is when our sinful inclination is to allow a strong flesh and a weak spirit, but midnight demands the exact opposite–a strong spirit that can break the bondage of fleshly reactions, thoughts and decisions. One of the quotes that rang most true to me was this: “Once you’ve been through midnight, you know who holds your morning.” And I may have even put myself in that midnight situation, but the rejoicing comes when I know that, as soon as midnight hits, the God of the universe is on the other end holding the morning. This brought an even deeper meaning to Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may last through the night, but HIS joy comes in the morning!”

John Gray left us with three valuable takeaways:

  1. Find friends that will hold you accountable, share common goals, constantly seek God and share a similar desire to leave a legacy of faith.
  2. PRAISE in the midnight. Throw Satan for a loop, don’t let him steal your praise and worship away from you. In your moments of weakness, fall on your knees and cry Holy. Let Satan know, he may have slowed you down, but CHRIST holds the keys to victory and you’re marching forward!
  3. Always be on guard, keep on your “night vision goggles.” When we look through the human eye, we see only a flawed vision. We see only what the human brain, in its sinful nature, allows us to see. Your faith is your pair of night vision goggles. Seek God, study His Word–it’s your direct line of communication–and spend time in prayer. Don’t seek victory over this midnight alone, you are made to me dependent, lay in the arms of a Savior and remember, midnight is the very moment morning begins.

I hope to hear John Gray again. He is a phenominally blessed and annointed minister of God. Thank you so much for your time, your ministry, your passion and your drive. I am not only encouraged by the Word of God spoken tonight, but also inspired. Sometimes it just gets hard, even by my own doing, and I just need to be reminded of the God who holds my heart.



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