ObamaCare—The Way Forward?

As just about every person on planet earth knows, on Thursday, the Supreme Court handed down their ruling that ObamaCare is upheld as constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts, a historically conservative judge, cast the deciding “yes”-vote. However, even as the ironically named “Affordable Care Act” did remain in-tacked, it gained a few nicks and bruises on its way down. The individual mandate was struck down under the powers if the Commerce Clause, but was upheld as a tax. Thus, putting the ball back into the Congress’ court.

Is there a silver lining to this historical ruling? Yes. As Erick Erickson said in his RedState op-ed, Obama may have been given a momentary victory, but Justice Roberts may have just handed Romney the White House. From Obama’s first months as President in 2009, to today (well, until Thursday, at least), Obama promised that he would never raise taxes on middle class Americans and that the individual mandate was ‘absolutely not a tax.’ The Supreme Court, however, didn’t buy it.

Since ObamaCare has now been decided, by the highest court in the land, to be a tax, Obama has a tough sell with the America people. Many top politicos now have greater faith that the individual mandate could be repealed through the congressional process because many Democrats now know that their seat in the Capitol building is at stake. Democrats currently running for office in state-wide elections are doing their best to distance themselves from Obama’s radical record, and others, such as Mayor Cory Booker, are being ousted from the White House’s elitist club. Also, as Michele Bachmann has sounded off, it only takes fifty Senators, plus one, to repeal the “Affordable Care Act.”

How does this play out in November? Well, as we heard Romney say on Capitol Hill just an hour after the high court handed down their ruling, the only way we are going to get rid of ObamaCare is to replace Obama on November 6th. The Republican presidential nominee has a strong argument that rings true with many citizens—Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike—across America. Team Romney was able to raise close to $5 million in new donations after hearing the court’s ruling. Judge Napolitano, a Fox News contributor, pointed out that after hearing the Supreme Court’s decision, many libertarian-leaning conservatives may be giving Romney a second look. Judge Robert’s shocking ruling may have drawn the line between Romney and Obama more clear than it has ever been.

Now, while I do not support Justice Robert’s vote, nor the SCOTUS ruling at all, I have to say, Thursday’s news did make the future of America clear: we can choose European-socialism, where the government puts us on a short leash, or we can choose free-market capitalism, where ‘we the people’ hold the reins and we put the government on a short leash. Nine Justices in black robes may have just handed freedom the keys to the White House. The ball is in our court.



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