Shh, God. Wait Your Turn.

Laying flowers in Newtown, CT

In the midst of great distress and turmoil, we are all grieving the loss of 20 children in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. My prayers and thoughts go out to the families and loved ones who lost children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends.

During times of tragedy and mystery, the public–and liberal media–often turn to the church, though, not for comfort. They turn to religion only to throw this one question right in the face of the faith community: if God exists, where is He? You see, the answer is simple. If God has been ushered out of all public circles with so much vitriol, why is it, do you think, He will return only when we feel we need Him? This, seemingly, is the left’s “proof” that there is no God.

However, when no God is allowed to exist and no moral truth is defined in today’s American society, how can you expect anyone to act in a way that is morally and ethically appropriate. They have been told all truth is relative and to each his or her own. This dangerous and toxic thought pattern has worked its way up the ladder, now being broadcasted from the news anchor’s chair and legislated from the lawyer’s desk.

Washington desires to limit, or eliminate, gun freedoms in order to keep from having to define an objective moral code. If Congress and the White House are able to completely ban all questionable objects and practices, they have eliminated, at least in their mind, the need to establish a moral truth that transcends sex, age, race, creed or ethnicity. You see, if our legislators sitting in the Chamber and our Commander-in-Chief sitting behind the Resolute Desk are obligated to project a code of morality, they are then required to define where such morals come from and why they are obligatory.

Guns, similar to sex, are not innately wrong or sinful. It is in the application that the question of sin and evil come in. Sex outside of marriage is certainly sinful: it is being practiced in a way in which it was not intended, it has dangerous physical, mental, spiritual and psychological strings attached to it. Similarly, a gun used outside its realm of appropriateness fits the same mold, bringing physical, mental, spiritual and psychological damage. Therefore, to put an object with dangerous potential in the hands of an individual that doesn’t understand its ramifications or the need for an objective moral code, truly is unintelligent, careless and naive.

With this knowledge accounted for, our 21st-century government has chosen to go down a different path. Washington has decided that, since they have no desire to admit to an objective moral truth or to embrace the existence of a supreme power, God, we are left with one option: ban everything that could possibly, maybe, at some point, in some way be construed as harmful, dangerous, demeaning, etc. Sadly, this direction will not prove to be effective.

According to a Washington Post article, in Israel, citizens between the ages of 18 and 21 have direct access to guns. In that age range, suicide is most commonly committed with the aid of a bullet. However, outside of that age range, when guns are not so readily available, the death rate doesn’t necessarily drop, rather, studies show that the method used for suicide simply changes. For example, in Israel, next to a gun and a bullet, strangulation is the most common method of suicide. You see, if you take guns away because you don’t want to define moral truth, you better be prepared for everything to come under consideration.

Next, the secular world and the left-leaning media choose, instead of addressing the lack of moral definition in 21st-century culture, to say those that commit heinous crimes are simply mentally unhealthy or psychologically handicapped. While that is the case in some circumstances, and should be dealt with accordingly, it is by-in-large not the case with the majority of tragedies and criminals. Most of the crimes committed are committed with an all-about-me, ‘truth is relative’ mentality. While worldly science will define this as a mental handicap, the Church should be readily engaging in society, showing that this is not outside the norm of human nature. In fact, according to Scripture, evil tragedies, such as the murders committed at Sandy Hook, are exactly what to expect from humanity. Human nature is, by definition, evil. We are not innately good, we are innately evil creatures. Therefore the true “abnormality” would be for us to act good, not for us to act wrongly. Wrongdoing falls squarely inside the realm of our natural makeup.

With this truth established, then–and only then–can we come to the realization that outside of defining a moral truth, there is no law, mandate, leader or speech that can solve our societal problems nor comfort those that mourn. The only way to move forward from a tragedy as devastating as this is not to find answers, but to open our eyes to the truth of God. He is standing there, waiting to be allowed back into our lives and American society. Our God has given us freewill, meaning He only dwells where He is welcome. Should we choose to reestablish the foundations this great nation was once built upon, we will begin to see brighter days. I’m not saying that all will be perfect; after all, Sin still is the prince and power of the air. But acknowledging God and allowing His presence in our midst will bring great comfort, clear eyes and a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

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